Company Profile
Career Vacancies
Position Quality Assurance Manager
Area Atlantis
Salary Highly Negotiable
Company type Foundry
Purpose of the Position:Manage staff and measuring facilities to ensure continued quality improvements of the systems.Ensure customer satisfaction through product services. Ensure world class standards are used to achieve optimum inspection and detection methods.Minimum Requirements:
  • T3 Mechanical
Core Work Related Experience:
  • 10 years industrial / Quality engineering experience
  • Finance for Non Financial Managers
  • Foundry and Machine shop practice knowledge
Key performance Core Skills:
  • Planning, Coordinating, Organising and Controlling
  • Analytical / Problem solving
  • Effective Communications
  • Presentation Skills
  • Personnel Management skills
  • Training coordination
  • Budget operating cost management
  • Quality systems
  • Process analysis and optimization
  • Process analysis
  • Capital Forecast / Planning
Key Activities / Function of the Position:
  • Planning staff / Equipment to provide quality Control services to the Production Department.
  • Budget / Capital expenditure.
  • Maintaining Cost with target objectives
  • Personnel performance appraisal  / Management
  • Quality procedures / Process / Systems
  • Provide resources for system, process and product audits
  • Ensure continuous quality improvements
  • Communication / Discipline within team based management  structure
  • Motivation and training of subordinates
  • Maintain ISO / TS 16949 : 2002 standards
  • Reporting the performance of quality management systems and the need for improvement
  • Ensuring awareness of customer requirements throughout the company
  • Customer Liason
  • Responsible to ensure and monitor compliance with the integrity code and anti bribery regulations amongst subordinated and peers
Major Challenges for this position:
  • Optimising of quality of personnel , process and products
  • Continuously reduce wastage, i.e. Scrap and Reworks
  • Maintain international world class standards of quality
  • Provide world class customer service
  • Department effectiveness to ensure the status of “ World Class” in order to for the company to be competitive in the global market.
 A highly attractive and negotiable salary and perks package is offered for this position


Duration permanent
Equity yes
Contact Loek Wildenburg